Friday, August 2, 2013

Lenovo H430 Desktop Purchaser Reviews

Lenovo H430 Desktop Purchaser Reviews
So far the computer has lived up to expectations. Clean design. Only had it 2 months so far but no issues.Navigating Windows 8 was more of a challenge till learned than assembling the Lenovo itself. Too early to tell if I would recommend it yet but working well at this point.
- Edwin Hamilton

the computer is good quality and well made. i liked everything about the appearance and performance except for the dvd drive. at first it did not work, i spent a lot of time and finally found that the driver had not been activated. once i did this it works fine. the instructions were not very good. second i was not familiar with 5.1 surround sound and finally realized the speakers were not part of the package, you have to buy them separately. the software is there. again the instructions are not very good. i think this is a good package and would recommend purchasing this.
- Bob

Overall, this is a decent computer for the money as long as you don't mess with it. If you want to add a discrete graphics card upgrade or other upgrades then that's when the problems start. Lenovo has grossly under-spec'd the power supply in this line of computers. It's adequate if you leave the computer as-is, but the power supply will be the first thing that has to be replaced if you want to add a mid-range graphics card. Lenovo would be much better off if they didn't try to emulate Sony when it comes to PC products.I'm still trying to update the BIOS to fix an issue with this computer not supporting standby sleep modes. Lenovo has an updater, but it runs only on 32-bit Windows. Why? Any computer with more than 4GB of memory (which is most) needs 64-bit Windows.Update: I did manage to install a discrete graphics card (it has a PCIe slot) along with a bigger power supply and all seems to be working. There are still some sleep mode problems that Lenovo will hopefully fix with a future BIOS update.Update2 (March 2013): OK, well I'm not all that pleased with Lenovo support. I have been trying to get a BIOS update to resolve a sleep/standby issue and have been unsuccessful. Lenovo support finally admitted that the BIOS on their support site is only for an H430 that shipped with Windows 7. If you did manage to flash that BIOS on your Win8 system then you were probably left with an over-sized door stop. I know that there's a later BIOS being shipped for Windows 8 (ESKT20A), but they have not posted it on their support site.I stand by my original statement that this computer is just "OK" as long as you don't want to enhance it. It's not a computer for someone who knows how to build their own computers. Lenovo uses their own re-branded and modified motherboards so you're entirely at Lenovo's mercy and lose the ability to find usable updates from component OEM sources.Signed: Sleepless in PA
- Joseph Mattioni "JDM"

I had my H430 for a week, during which time it would repeatedly lose the registry entry for the DVD ROM, which necessitated a total reload of the operating system 4 times along with all my apps and documents. Lenovo customer service blamed it on me. Also, my external hard drive would sporadically become unavailable. After the fourth time, I called the retailer and they allowed me to send it back.And don't try to install a video card in order to run two monitors. I went through 2 cards, was told by Lenovo it wasn't their problem, that the card would work in the computer but it didn't. I then called the card manufacturer and they informed that their cards wouldn't work with this model.I've wasted days and hours loading, reloading, configuring and reconfiguring. Good riddance. I will never purchase another Lenovo product.
- Henry G

Gave my dad my old Lenovo computer and bought this one because of how well my old one performed. Lenovo is a great brand and I could not be more satisfied with my purchase.
- Matt

The computer is fast. I really like it. Lenovo put an app on it that makes it look sort of like traditional Windows. The operating system, Windows 8, is horrible! Finding anything is next to impossible. I honestly cannot stand Windows 8, but I don't know what to do. I am not a novice at computers.
- LynnD

Looking for a good computer with most of the features that make a good basic desktop system, this Lenovo fits the bill. Windows 8 64 bit OS, Intel core i5 processor 3rd generation, 8 GB DDR3 memory, DVD Reader/Writer optical drive, 1 TB 7200rpm HDD, HDMI out, Card Reader 6 in 1. One thing to state is that this unit is (obviously) not a Game Machine ( of course the price alone should give this away). So for the price you'll get a decent computer from a well known company. Mine is paired with a Dell 21.5" HD monitor.
- Christopher A. Rasmussen "raz"

Software and Electrical Engineer hubby loves it! Best gift I've ever given him. He likes to have a desktop for home and this one is a great bargain!
- Bargain Hunter "Tina"

This product was on sale at staples during black Friday for $450. The computer comes with windows 8 which isn't that bad. It also comes with a lot of useless bloatware (I love Lenovo). There is a cheap keyboard and mouse that also comes along (the mouse is pretty good for my needs). The first thing I did was order a graphics card and it recognized it right away. This computer is very fast and meets all my needs and streams 1080p even with integrated graphics.
- kyle

First of all, I want to note that this computer is extremely sketchy. I've had two of these, an both of them have had problems with either the OS, or the ram not functioning properly. The components are all proprietary, which keeps you from being able to upgrade anything unless you completely replace the motherboard and or power supply. It runs very slow despite the fact that it runs an Intel core i5 3330 CPU. I guess it's a good pc if you want something for basic productivity. But as for anything that might stress it just a little bit, it's gonna slow down significantly. Plus the ram is garbage, only running at 1333mhz.
- Meckone11

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